Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The End

Well what can I say, it has been an experience and it took up a lot of time I don't think I ever managed to complete any task in one hour, and I was conscious of the time factor from the very beginning. However I am delighted that I managed to complete the entire 23 things. My favourites and what worked well for me were, Windows live messenger, Podcasts and Flicker, I will continue to use the Live messenger and I find it great, the podcast are fantastic before the Web 2.0 thingy I only ever heard about podcasts but never tried it out now I am podcasting regularly and catching up on all the programmes that I love and never get to hear during the day. I love Flicker, But I am a photograph person and have been putting photos on my PC for years and now I have learned lots of new things and its amazing what one can do definitely a thumbs up on this one. My least favourite was the online gaming I found it boring and definitely not something I would ever use again. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to experience the 2.0 web whether it is something I will use again or not I don't know but I am glad I know a little about a lot of things!!!!!!!!!!! Slán

Friday, June 5, 2009

Zoho writer google maps

I love Google maps I am travelling in California this Summer from San Francisco to Pine Mountain in Southern California, so I was able to check out the distance from A-B and see all the routes, as we want to drive the coast rather then the highway and stop off in all those really interesting places along the way Google maps is brilliant. And what about the street view isn't that fantastic I could see my brother's car parked outside his home in San Fran. Google maps for me is a definite thumbs up. I created a document in Zoho writer and send it to my blog and now I see it has arrived, but I found Zoho writer extremely slow It took several Mins. for the document to save and another few Mins. for it to send to my blog. You would want lots of time for this one I think? Don't know if I will use this again.

Zoho Writer

Here I am in my new Zoho writer, I wanted to have a look at this so I had to sign up. Don't know where I am going with it just yet, but will give it a try. I think I would need a lot of time to navigate around this site maybe I will get back to it again in the future.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Online gaming

Definitely not for me. Absolutely hated online gaming. Played a game of Scrabble and a game of Sudoku which was about as much as I could manage or was interested in. I am not a gambling person even when I was in Reno at the casinos I was bored after one hour. But I am sure there are lots of people out there who would love it. Anyway horses for courses so they say..... You win some you loose some!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Social Networking

Was quite interested in the social networking. Had a look at facebook, myspace, and bebo, and for no particular reason I picked facebook and signed up. And low and behold I found one of my sons and his million and one friends there, I sent him a message informing him that his poor old mum is now on facebook( he will probably have me taken out and shot at dawn!!) or order me out of facebook immediately. He need not worry it was only an exercise for me I wont be keeping it up. For use in the library I am sure it would be a great way to promote library services, but then I think if I was social networking would I want to read Library news? Don't know maybe someone will help me out on this one. I also set up my Windows Live Messenger, now that is something that would come in very handy and cut down on the phone calls to friends in different parts of the world, I have not tried it out yet but am looking forward to hooking up with a few people, Will let you know how I get on. Could not get into Twitter on Youtube today for some unknown reason to see what they had to say in "Plain English" will try again soon.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Youtube Sitepal & Podcasts

Enjoyed the Youtube experience found a few genuine sites and had a laugh, and managed to put one on my site. Went from there to Sitepal did not think too much of this can't say I would ever use it again but did send messages to my colleagues and they did receive them even though they went straight to their junkmail but after much searching eventually found them. Were they impressed you might ask? don't know they never said. (obviously not!!) I have wanted to find out about podcasts for a while now and today I did, and I must say I enjoyed it immensely and will definately go on to use it. I did not have my Ipod with me at the time but I did put some podcasts on the my pc and will transfer them later. I found some interesting things about DAB which I did not know and I had just purchased a new digital radio so the info. was good for me cant' say I understood it all but hopefully someday the penny will drop!!! At the moment all I know is how to turn the thing on. Had a look at Ebooks and audiobooks good to know about them for the future.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bull in a grocery store

While I found this site very interesting and some really funny stories on it, I thought the Bull in grocery store was hilarious. While it could have been really serious for those involved for those of us watching it seemed so funny. If you do have a look at it please note the farmer doing the UTurn in the aisle that for me was the funniest ever. I choose this one because I know it really happened and not just a set up.